4 Letter Series is an apparel & lifestyle brand that delivers hand-crafted, locally-made products. Each 4 Letter Word is curated for the wearer to interpret on their own, celebrating individuality.

Our mission is to spark emotion and conversation through the power of words.

Our vision is to create a platform for open dialogue and self expression.

A Cause Close to Home

"We donate 5% of our net profits to the Geneva Centre for Autism, a cause which is personal to me. Having a brother and sister-in-law with Autism, I believe Autism doesn’t fit into one box, it’s a colourful palette that each individual experiences differently. Being autistic comes with challenges (as does being human), but with the right tools in place, some patience and a lot of love, we can help individuals with Autism navigate an already very complicated world, helping them reach their full potential and give them the confidence to be themselves." 

- Rachel Walderman Founder of 4 Letter Series

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Our Founder

At the age of six, I was diagnosed with a learning disability. At the time, I had no idea what that really meant or how It would impact me. As I got older, I realized how much this took a toll on my confidence and in a sense, I really let my learning disability define me and my capabilities.

In turn of this mentality, I really didn’t care much about school. I didn’t have major goals I wanted to hit academically. The thought of getting an MBA, CPA or anything along those lines was not in my realm. In my mind, all of that was above me.

My strongest subject in high school was creative writing.

Writing has been my biggest tool to date, It gives me the opportunity to reflect on my thoughts, my to-do list, allowing me to feel a sense of control in an ever changing world. I then realized it’s not writing that has been my biggest tool, it’s words.

Words are our rawest form of self-expression, they help us define ourselves. They are complex, everyone interprets them differently, but ultimately they're yours, no one else’s.

Your words, your way.