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Made by 4 Letter Series and told by @rainbowsalt.

For DROP 1, we had the honour to collaborate with Toronto-based poet, Author and Creative Director and Host of the Thought Catalog Podcast, Bianca Sparacino, also known as @rainbowsalt. 

4 Letter Series locally designed and manufactured the collection of 8 hoodies and 4 crewnecks. For the series of words of LOVE, LUST, F*CK, NEXT and LOST, HEAL, REAL, SOUL, Bianca curated a series of beautiful poems to tell their story. We sat down with Bianca after and asked her a few questions. 

What’s your favourite word?


Why does it resonate with you?

When I hear the word ‘soul’ I think about the centre of everything. Soul is all encompassing, it represents the human experience in all of it's light and all of it's dark — it is the foundation of all words, the common denominator, the most consistent piece of every journey. When we love, when we hurt, when we heal, we do it from deep within ourselves. Everything that stems from anything comes from the soul, from that anchoring, from that energy. Soul is all around us, it is what we are made from, it is the beginning and the end of all feeling, of all emotion, of all growth; it defines us all, at our most honest, and most stripped down, and that is why the word resonates with me on a deeper level.

When do you feel the most connected to others?

I feel most connected to other human beings when I experience moments with them that feel deeply genuine, and safe. Sometimes it feels like we are all searching for connection, but avoiding eye contact — like we are too scared to show our true selves. But there are moments in this life, small and nameless moments, where the veil is lifted, and the mask is lowered, and you see into the core of someone. It happens when you sit in silence with someone and you feel at peace in their energy, you don’t have to be more than you are in the moment, you can just exist together in the quiet. It happens when you hold space for another human being to tell you about the things they are most passionate about, to hear the way they talk about the things they love most in this world, to hear them pour out about their dreams or their art or the people they care for. It happens when you hold someone at their weakest, when they show you the parts of their mind, or their soul, that no one else claps for. It happens when you’re sitting in a group of friends, and your heart bubbles over with happiness, because you’re deeply, and acutely, aware of just how lucky you are to exist at the same time as people who feel like home. I try my best to keep my eyes open to these moments, to really pay attention and to be present when they occur, because they are truly the most beautiful experiences. They remind me to stay open, to stay connected, in this world.

What are some exciting things you are working on right now?

 Right now, I am focused on writing my fourth book. I am hoping to share it with the world next year, and cannot wait for others to read it and experience it. All of my heart goes into my writing, so that is my main project at the moment.


4 Letter Series x @rainbowsalt will launch at @4letterseries on November 8, 2021. 

You can check our Bianca’s work at @rainbowsalt and shop her latest book, A Gentle Reminder at also available on Amazon and Apple Books. 

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